Give Thanks

In keeping with the season and in no particular order:

I’m thankful for my Two Leaves Health business. I know this sounds self serving to put my business on here, but I’m thankful not only for the income it brings. My horses are healthier than they have ever been. I have a better handle on my own health. Horses who come in for rehab are recovering quicker. My friends and family know an evaluation is a good place to start on those little niggling problems they know are there, but can’t put a finger on.

I’m thankful for my horses. All are in good health and getting better. I manage a herd of amazing, smart, and talented equines.

I’m thankful for my family who may or may not understand everything I set out to do, but support me unconditionally.

I’m thankful for students who love and care for horses. The future of horses is safe in their hands. I watch them rise to the occasion over and over. This year I have been surprised at the intelligence, resilience, savvy, and understanding of my students as they embody the qualities of horsemen and horsewomen.

I’m thankful for friends who don’t let me fade out of touch and those I can call when something happens.

I’m thankful for Jesus who died so He could have a relationship with me. He gave me more than His death. He gave me life and the ability to spend that life with Him intentionally. I’m thankful for the journey He has brought me on. I am not the same person I was and I get to look forward to the future. My story isn’t what I thought it would be. Some areas are much better. Other areas I don’t understand.

I’m thankful for finished building projects while looking forward to finishing more.

I’m thankful for art. From beads to written word to writing. I enjoy the freedom to express what I wouldn’t otherwise say.

Last, but in no wise least, I’m thankful to those people who donated so the ‘ponies’ could eat. They nicker in gratitude before each meal. 😉