Give the Gift of Health

Looking for gifts for yourself or horse people in your life? Here are the most gifted Two Leaves products

Gift Certificates In denominations of $50, $100, $250 and $500 allow the recipient to receive the perfect gift.

The Be Prepared Package at $130 has

Kolic, at only $40 (included in the Be Prepared package) is the cheapest peace of mind you can buy for those sleepless nights waiting on the vet with a colicky horse.

Whether you are buying for humans, horses, or dogs Peace and Calming II (included in the Be Prepared package) releases stress and uplifts the spirits both in emergencies and around the holidays. At $26 it is well worth having one for the barn and one for the house.

Gifts for the Horses and Horse People in Your Life

Instead of fighting the crowds next week here are some ideas they will love that don’t involve combat tactics to acquire:

Hoof Picks

It seems that no matter how many of these you have another one still finds it’s place.

For under $15, this slim knife/hoofpick combination is my farrier’s favorite pick

For under $10, the folding hoof pick neatly fits in a pocket without poking.

For under $5, hoof picks in their colors make excellent stocking stuffers

Horse Treats

These healthy alternatives to sugar cubes allow horses to get what they love while the humans who love them know they are getting the good stuff.

I wish these were all natural. I find almost all horses who have ever been on an antibiotic need a probiotic to be truly healthy

My favorite has no sugar or molasses


Organizing is usually a lot less fun than riding. Here are a few things which help save on organizational chores.


Show you care with an emergency kit

This all natural kit contains