The Season of Giving

This year I am donating either 2 Starter Packages or 1 Premium Starter Package to Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue.

Blaze’s is Oklahoma’s state-wide rescue which works with local law enforcement when equines are involved to give the equines a safe place to live while they recover. Since December 2001, they have rescued 1,290 horses. 1,054 of those have been adopted. More about their role in rescuing abused horses can be found here.

To support Blaze’s this year if you mention Blaze’s in the comments when you buy here Blaze’s will receive a donation of 10% of whatever you buy.

Perfect Partners Meets Galloping Glass

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas ornament for your family or someone special this year? Look no further than . Bethany Martin has been hand beading unique and beautiful ornaments all year. Every bulb is different. (Bethany gets bored doing the same thing over again.) Most of her original designs have between 1,000 and 3,000 hand strung beads, with one having as many as 3,800 beads.

The sale of these

ornaments goes to support Perfect Partners, a program where girls are encouraged in their faith while they play with horses. They girls are challenged each week to grow in their faith, as young women, and as horsemen. When the girl reaches a certain place in the program, she is offered the horse she has been working with, free of charge, and encouraged to work with another girl.

Needs right now include:

  • Hay, with this summer’s drought the grass didn’t grow and the price of prairie hay is over $100 a round bale.
  • Farrier, all the horses are barefoot. I believe God designed the hoof and called it good at the beginning, but because the horses can’t run for miles every day as God intended, they need someone to trim their hooves into the shape they were created to be.
  • Osteopath, one of the horses was donated with some preexisting neck and back problems which need to be adjusted.
  • Feed supplements, to keep the horses in the best health they receive a mineral blend.
  • Weight builder, one of the horses was donated after being rescued from a situation in which she was starved. She is on extra rations to keep her healthy over the winter.
  • Prayer, pray that both Bethany and the horses would stay healthy. God has been very good to keep the horses healthy. Pray He continues. Please pray that the girls and horses would learn quickly and the girls would respond to God’s promptings. Pray for safety for everyone involved. We try to be safe, but God is truly in control.

Take one of Bethany’s original creations to an ornament exchange and you will never have to worry about someone else having one just like it while knowing you are supporting a life changing opportunity for girls.