Reflections Equestrian

I run a small program that challenges girls to learn about God, horses, and themselves. If they complete what usually amounts to two years of work (Complete Parelli Level 2 and personal growth and learning) they get to own and take home the horse they have been partnered with free of charge.

The horses have been given to me with different stories as to why they were unwanted. Mint was pushy. Countess couldn’t race. Tekoa and Gwen were left when their owners had a life change. Little Bit came to me when her owner lost interest. These horses deserve better.

The two year program establishes a bond between the girl and her horse which ensures the horse a loving home. The girls learn to take care of the horses’ mental and emotional as well as physical needs. They learn to communicate with and train the horse so they don’t abandon the horse out of frustration when the horse won’t do something. Unlike horses bought on a whim, these girls know their horses better than they know many of their human friends.

The girls come out of the program self-confident. They can communicate with a 1000 lb animal and cause it to do things neither one could do alone. They know they can learn and they are smart. They learn about their learning style and what they have to do to remember what they want to know. The girls set their own goals and achieve them. They know they are successful.