Cole’ – I got to keep my friend

In 2004 more than 50 almost grape-sized hives covered my only horse. She scratched each new lump until they all bled. I tried bug sprays, fly sheets, and itch creams. Nothing gave her relief. The vet’s advice was, “try steroids, they might work for one season. Then sell her up north where the bugs aren’t so bad.”
While I was trying to decide what to do I ran across my first natural horse care information. Desperate for something to let me keep my friend I tried it. Overnight my mare went from scratching her skin off to being comfortable. Two days later the welts were smaller than peas. It worked year after year and I got to keep my friend!
As she got older she got stiff with a mild lameness in her front feet. I tried natural trimming, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. Still I never knew which days she would be lame, sound, or ‘off.’
Two weeks after starting her first personalized program she led my herd up to be fed, trotting freely for the first time in years. Her coat, which had never been bad, blossomed into a slick, glossy, healthy sheen.

The preimum package, which Cole’ is on, can be found here.


“Would you like a horse? He’s yours if you can put him in a trailer.” I had one horse. A second one would be easy to put a bit of training on and I could sell him. When I got there the “horse” was a 14-month-old stud colt who had spent the last 6 months in a 10′ x 15′ pen attached to an old chicken coop filled with old wire cages and junk. He learned to push people around scaring his family until they stopped feeding him. His ribs looked like a washboard and his flanks were sunken. His appaloosa blood showed through his rat mane and tail. I went home immediately and brought him a couple flakes of hay. His flanks appeared less sunken after his meal. 
Three days later Mint joined my heard. Days turned into months and months turned into years. The little guy turned out to be afraid of everything. Teaching him was easier said than done. Ten steps of progress one day might only go nine steps back overnight. Sometimes he was worse than the day before. 
After trying a long list of things I finally stumbled upon an essential oil blend which helped him focus. As long as he received a drop every day or so he was trainable. His training went slowly, but nothing helped his pitiful rat tail.
A couple of months after starting his customized supplement plan Mint was in saddle training. He now remembers everything from day to day. He’s confident and with his new supplements I have hope he will grow a tail.
The preimum package he is on is  avaliable here.

The Season of Giving

This year I am donating either 2 Starter Packages or 1 Premium Starter Package to Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue.

Blaze’s is Oklahoma’s state-wide rescue which works with local law enforcement when equines are involved to give the equines a safe place to live while they recover. Since December 2001, they have rescued 1,290 horses. 1,054 of those have been adopted. More about their role in rescuing abused horses can be found here.

To support Blaze’s this year if you mention Blaze’s in the comments when you buy here Blaze’s will receive a donation of 10% of whatever you buy.

Give the Gift of Health

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The Two Leaves Health Website is Finally Here

I have taken a lot of time off from blogging lately between Alanna and a project I have been working on. I’m happy to announce the official launch of my website

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