My Big Green Waterproof Miracle

Some days I see God’s plans come together in ways I could never have dreamed.

I have this thick green winter horse blanket. It never fit my stocky little paint mare well. She doesn’t need it. I used it a few times the first winter I had her because I was a new horse owner and blanketing was what I was ‘supposed’ to do, and that was it. It has been moved around from one storage place to another taking up space and getting in the way for more than 10 years. I have been meaning to sell it, but it found a home on a shelf in our storage building and I forgot about it.

I ran across it last week when looking for stuff to sell. I spread it out looking for mouse holes (our cat died this spring and the mice have taken advantage of our lack of a feline) Miraculously the blanket and all the straps were intact, but there was a large spot where the last horse who wore it had laid on a pile of poo. So I washed it and it got left in the tack room so I could get a picture of it. I was busy one day, sick another, between one thing and another I never got the picture.

I went out to feed and water the horses in the afternoon and saw all three of the big horses wet and shivering. Countess, the thoroughbred, was the worst. She can’t seem to store enough fat to use as insulation and was visibly shaking almost non-stop. The word hypothermia kept popping into my head.

I realized that while some of the water was from the freezing rain, the big horses had all gotten splashed on the chest when I turned on the water to fill the trough. After vigorously rubbing them down with dry towels Cole’ and Mint were able to fluff up their coats and were fine, but Countess was still shivering.

Since I had recently found and cleaned the blanket it was on my mind and I knew where it was. I was able to slip it on her without problems because one of my students had found my fly sheet this summer, thought Countess would look good in it, and spent the time to get her used to wearing something.

I wasn’t sure the big, thick, waterproof, green blanket bought 10 years ago for my stocky paint would fit my lanky thoroughbred, but God’s plans are good. Not only did it fit her perfectly, much better than it ever fit Cole’, but I didn’t have to adjust a single strap.

Once she moved around in it a bit and drank the warm water we carried from the house Countess and the other horses looked warm and content. I watched them thinking about my God’s plans through time. I failed when I measured Cole’ years before Countess was born. I don’t usually think about blankets, let alone having a clean fitted blanket ready to go, but God knows what I need through all of time and space. Where I failed God used my failure for a success beyond my wildest imagination.

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