A close up of Hope

Hope is my interpretation of a dog named Holly and those like her waiting for their forever homes.

Dog head 8x10

Every line is made of words. What the dog says to you:

  • Faithful
  • Fingerprints or footprints, we leave indelible marks on each other’s hearts
  • Friend
  • Give me a forever home and I will give you a forever heart
  • Happy
  • I am braver with you
  • I am thrilled to see you each time you come home to me
  • I am yours
  • I believe you
  • I love long walks. Beach optional
  • I think you are perfect
  • I want to spend the rest of my life with you
  • I will always listen
  • I will keep your secrets
  • I will make you smile
  • If your heart is broken, I’ll give you mine
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • No questions no criticism
  • Play with me
  • Soul
  • Trust
  • Yesterday is over; tomorrow isn’t here yet; let’s be happy together
  • You are my miracle
  • You are the best part of my day
  • You are the center of my universe
  • You are the sun in my sky
  • You are wonderful
  • You hold my future in your hands.
  • You want to; Me too

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