Day 27 – Sucesses

Today was nice and cool, but only a tiny bit of rain that didn’t stop anything. I have been playing with Cole’ standing on a 1ft wide square log. Today she got all four feet on it! She has been walking her front feet on it for days, but today she offered to put her back feet on it and stood up for a few seconds. I think with another week or two she could walk along it with all four feet.

I rode her again today doing passenger lessons. I started in one of the round pens, but she was getting board. So I spent some time outside in the playground. I spent maybe 15 minutes annoying her and having her putting some effort into moving. I could have probably gotten results faster, but I am trying to build my confidence, so slow was good. After I got some effort into movement I got off, played with her on the ground, and got back on where there was no grass to distract her. She put effort into moving, even trotting over the tempting grass. We got close to the pens and I asked her to stop and I got off. I am happy with the effort she put into moving.

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