Days 24, 25, & 26 – Parelli Summit

I have been silent this weekend because of the Parelli Summit. Around a thousand Savvy Club members came to the Parelli ranch for a three day weekend of inspiration. Pat played with a problem horse, Linda helped one of our fast trackers with game of contact, we had demos on cutting, horseanilities, and driving by other professionals.

Pat played with a horse named Grace all weekend. She had some Major hangups giving to pressure. He played with her for three days and got her giving to pressure. That may not sound interesting, but Pat is so sensitive to the tiniest try on the horse’s part it is fascinating. He would put a feel on the the rope and sometimes her try would be as small as the flick of an ear.

Vendors came to talk about everything from red lights to Atwood horses. The atmosphere was charged and a lot of fun.

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