Days 18 & 19 – Lame again

Instead of a traditional 2 day weekend, we had only one day off because of the summit next weekend. WIth only one day off to rest, Sunday became Monday this week and we will continue to be off a day until the summit.

Cole’ has been lame in the front for the last couple of days. I think she has a stone bruise from not wearing boots when we went on the trail ride. She also managed to get into more trouble kicking at one of the geldings in the pen next to her. So now she is lame on the front and swollen on the hinds. I think I need to get the vet out to do acupuncture again. Pray that she will come and stay completely sound in the next couple of days.

Despite her soundness issues I jumped on her bareback in soft footing for about five minutes and practiced hindquarter yields a bit. She is getting better about understanding what I want. When she is sound I want to start riding the cloverleaf pattern.

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