Day 16 – Trail Riding

Class this morning met saddled in Arena Grande for trail riding preparation. We rode our horses one by one at a waving plastic bag until they noticed it, then yielded their hindquarters to keep them facing it. If the horse wanted to drift forward or backwards he was allowed to move his feet as long as he faced the bag. Cole’ and I did fairly well. I am glad we have done as much friendly game as we have with plastic bags so it was practice for a scary situation, not an actual scary situation.

After the trail practice we were sorted into groups who were comfortable trotting and walk only. I decided I felt safer at a walk and joined the walk only group playing follow the leader. A few minutes later it was announced that we were going on a trail ride. Butterflies came up in my stomach. I felt just safe enough to follow our head instructor out of the safety of the arena and into the wide wide world. We crossed an open field and rode into the woods playing a game of telephone to get used to passing messages back and forth. As things went well the butterflies started to settle.

The trail was beautiful. It wound around the back of campus and came out by the pens. I am building my confidence daily. Soon I hope to fall in love with riding again.

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