Day 13 – Feel, Timing and Balance

Today I practiced my feel, timing, and balance in the saddle and on the ground. We had a great liberty session in the 75′ round pen this morning.

This afternoon I rode her in a group passenger session. Usually passenger lessons are where you ride your horse alone allowing them to choose the direction and when to slow down or stop. You get to choose the initial gate. If the horse wants to go faster you ask them back to your chosen speed. Today there were other horses standing around carrying their riders who played friendly game with their own horses. Usually the motion of the friendly game was enough to keep the moving horse from invading the space of the stationary ones.

I sat on her for more than an hour before our turn came allowing both of us to feel entirely calm before we needed to move. I rode her as a passenger until she relaxed and blew out. We had a great time.

This evening I practiced my feel, timing, and balance in dance lessons. We are learning swing with the hope we will be able to dance at the Parelli summit which is in two weeks. The summit is a Parelli members only event where they show cool stuff and roll out anything new.

Between the emotions of riding for hours and the physical part of dancing I am exhausted. Pray that I have the energy to stay engaged and keep learning.

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