Day 8 – In which I saw Pat, avoided Hail, and had a Lame Horse

Our first session was watching Pat play with cows and talk about the program. I learned that before I play with cows I need a really good sideways and backup. He also stressed what it means to be a Parelli student. We have to put the Relationship First, Always have Foundation before specialization and be dedicated to Never ending self-improvement. As a future Parelli professional the bar is higher. Pat says the only thing better than a professional is a Parelli professional.

We had our first class on liberty, the art of playing on the ground with nothing attached to your horse. Liberty is usually our good savvy, but since we left home I have made excuses for her and she has started to ignore me. Little problems have been magnified. We played online to warm up for liberty and she was pretty good. I took the halter off and she left to do her own thing. Chris, our head instructor had me be quicker and more purposeful with her. She quickly started paying more attention and engaging even better than before.

The afternoon was spent hanging out in the small covered arena avoiding the hail. There were too many horses to do much moving around, so we played a lot of porcupine and friendly game.

Your heart skips a beat when someone comes up to you and says, “Your horse just kicked through the fence and is standing on three legs.” This happened to me today. I left the class that was starting and got to the pen in a hurry. By the time I got there she was standing on all four feet again. Upon examination, I discovered her leg missing some skin on the front and bleeding mildly. I cleaned it off and put some salve on it. She was mildly lame on it at first, but seems fine on it now. I will take it easy on her for the next few days just in case.

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