Day 7 – Emotional Fitness

Yesterday we talked about thresholds. First is the comfort zone. Outside of the comfort zone is the learning zone and after that, fear. We talked about not pushing our horses or ourselves over the second threshold.

I have been noticing my emotions coming up even over simple tasks like taking my horse online to Arena Grande or saddling. Cole’ has been a dream despite her human’s thresholds. I have spent a lot of time in the learning zone today. I am much more comfortable handling her in a group. I like the format of this class. We were told to saddle up for a riding class. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride. We went out to the honey comb pens and watched a class on riding with our feet safely on the ground.

While we were out there I realized how much I let her pull on me. We played with sensitivity for the rest of the day. I am excited about the rest of the course. She is doing this nicely after 1.5 days. I feel like we are learning a lot and being able to apply it now.

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