Day 4 – Trailer sucesses

I went to visit Cole’ twice today. At first she wasn’t so glad to see me. She didn’t want to go back into the trailer. We played in the round pen where she is staying until Monday when the course starts until she connected with me then I left.

I came back in the afternoon. She was happy to see me again. I groomed her and played in the pen a bit before approaching the trailer. We played with the trailer until she could stand in the trailer without trying to jump out while the door was swung a little bit. On the way back to the pen she hesitated and looked over her shoulder at the trailer as if to say, “That’s it? We aren’t going to drive forever again?”

I got a message about Mint today. Mint has been conquering his fear of anything hind foot related. First the flyspray, now he is working on his trailer loading. Today he went on his first trailer ride in years. Last time it was to rescue him from starving to death in the middle of the city back yard. This time it is to visit a friend for a month. All those little steps have really paid off.

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