Day 3

We made it to Pagosa Springs! The people are where we are going to spend the night for the month, but Cole’ has one more move on Monday.

Someone mentioned yesterday that I switched horses last minute and I didn’t say anything about it. I switched from Gwen, a lovely horse who used to belong to me, but now belongs to one of my students who earned her through my program, to Cole’, my levels partner.

I lost my confidence riding years ago and I knew I wouldn’t be ready for this course if I didn’t do something, so I borrowed Gwen, who has a lot more hours in the saddle. I rode her when my health would allow for a month. I was preparing her to come with me on this trip. Two days before we left I realized that I really didn’t want to take her.

I felt God telling me to switch horses. So I decided to take Cole’ who has very few hours riding and hates to trailer on a three day ride almost half-way across the country. Because I have spent so much time with her on the ground we have a relationship I couldn’t build with another horse in a month or two. I will pass or fail this course with MY horse. I can’t blame the owner or anyone else. Anything we learn we learn together.

I have ridden Cole’ once in the last month. My confidence was boosted by borrowing Gwen and the ride went well. I am a bit apprehensive about being the least prepared student at this Fast Track, but Cole’ and I will do it together.

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