Days 1 & 2 – Traveling

I am finally on the road with my mare Cole’ and a friend headed for my second fast track. I am going to a Parelli pre-instructor course for four weeks. My goals for this course are to learn to love riding again, do well on the tests, and learn a lot.

This is actually the second night of our trip. Last night the Wifi wasn’t working in our room so no update.

Last night we had just gotten Cole’ and her hay net inside the barn when a thunderstorm hit full force. We got soaked running back to our room, but everything, even my shoe I soaked crossing a puddle too wide for one leap, was dry by morning.

This morning when I was loading Cole’ she decided it would be better to practice her puddle crossing than to step into the trailer. We played with crossing puddles a little and soon she was crossing calmly with all four feet. Back to the trailer we went and eventually the trailer was conquered for the day. Someday she will walk into the trailer when I am ready to go like she goes into it when it is not hooked up.

Tonight we are staying with a wonderful couple who opened up their beautiful home to us. Cole’ is calmer here than she was at the empty, stormy horse motel last night. I don’t know if it is because she can see other horses, because there is a sprig of grass here and there in the round pen, or because the weather is nice.

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