Moore Tornado News

Because of how fast tornados move and how quickly they spring up, there is precious little time to grab anything once the tornado becomes a direct threat. Hooking up a trailer and loading horses is out of the question, so you pray. You pray hard.

This is the first time I have had to leave the horses because of a tornado. I prayed as we left and God gave me a peace bout them despite being able to see the almost mile-wide twister coming at us. As we drove out of the path we listened to the radio reports of exactly where the tornado was tracking. It went north of our property by several miles, but wiped out the homes of several friends.

People have asked how the horses handled the tornado. Even F5 Tornados only affect things within roughly a half-mile of the twister. Because of the narrow area of effect and the fact they weren’t watching the news; my horses thought we were just having another thunderstorm. The storm the night before bothered them much more when it dropped hail. To answer the question, the horses are all doing well and unperturbed by the May 20th thunderstorm.

We are helping put Oklahoma back together one piece at a time. Local artists and friends, from Pioneer artisan works, created this Heart of Moore to raise money for the effort.

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