Reflections Equestrian — The program sponsored by Galloping Glass

This program is designed to be an intensive, self-paced, Christian discipleship and horsemanship program.

What is Expected of Me?

Commitment, determination, initiative, a positive attitude, and to put your heart into learning everything

As a prospective horseman, you will need to commit to, and schedule, play times at least once a week with your assigned equine partner until you graduate from the second level of the Parelli Program. The program may take two years or more and will be a personally growing and stretching experience.

You will learn and use the Parelli method with your partner horse.

Because horses cost money, there is a $– charge per month or the equivalent in hours of work. This goes towards regularly scheduled farrier fees, supplements, feed, teeth floating, natural worming, etc. There is also a strongly suggested $9.95/month or $99/year fee to Parelli for access to their online tools at The membership also comes with automatic discounts on all Parelli merchandise.

Learning at home is important so quality time can be spent with your partner in the pasture. To facilitate this you need to watch at least one DVD at home and do projects, on self-improvement, scripture memory, study, creating analogies, etc and horse-manship each week. You will need to bring a notebook every week.

You will be expected to dress appropriately for the weather. It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Also, keep in mind that horses are dirty, and like to share dirt if you wear anything nice.

If your hair is long enough to get into your face you will need to find some way to tie or clip it out of the way. Being able to see clearly is one of the easiest ways to stay safe around horses.

Your shoes need to protect your feet. This is a broad field. We have a lot of sand and burs, so I strongly recommend socks to prevent blisters. Make sure your shoelaces are corralled. Stepping on your own shoelace ruins a perfectly good demo in front of your mother.

Once you start riding, which will not be in the first few months, you will need a certified horse riding helmet and shoes or boots with a relatively flat sole and some kind of heel.

Because the proper tools are vital to a horseman’s success, you will also be expected to supply at least your own halter, lead rope, carrot stick, and savvy string, meeting Bethany’s approval, before being allowed to take the horse home. This will be at least a year or more.

You will receive a stack of paper which you will want to read so we can get started quickly.


What you will need:

  • 1” or larger 3 ring binder with clear pockets for decorating the outside
  • Tabs/dividers for binder
  • Pencil pocket for binder
  • Pencil & pen if you like pens
  • Calendar
  • Timer that is yours
  • Sheet protectors
  • Dry erase marker
  • Post-it Notes
  • Fun stickers for calendar
  • Hair ties and/or clips
  • Lined paper or computer & printer or email

Will need eventually:

  • Helmet
  • Boots, or riding shoes

Before horse:

  • Halter
  • 12’ line
  • Carrot stick
  • Savvy string
  • 22’ line


What Can I Expect?

You will experience an incomparable opportunity to learn about God, yourself, and horses.

You will be stretched by God in ways you don’t expect. You will laugh and want to cry. You will be hot and cold. Your partner won’t give you the time of day, and it will rain. You will have a sudden breakthrough after you have been playing with something for months. You and your partner will be on fire and all it takes is a thought to communicate that day. Things will go haywire and you will learn something anyway. God will point out something in your life using your horse and that is so convicting. You will learn about what you can control, what you can influence, and what you have to accept

You will be physically stretched as well. Despite popular myth playing with horses is work. Playing with a horse starts on the ground, gaining the horse’s trust and developing communication. When you start riding, you will discover that riding is just as active as walking or running with your partner, it just uses different muscles.

You will be assigned an equine partner to start your journey, either a mare or a gelding (we don’t handle stallions for safety reasons). Your partner will be a mirror for your growth, showing you areas of your life to work on. You will build a life changing relationship with him. Becoming a partner is not always easy, but it is rewarding.

Your partner may be changed as you both grow and Bethany gets a better idea of how you work together.

Your partner will be cared for naturally and its needs met, but you will be encouraged to learn and take over as much as possible because when you graduate from level 2 he will come home with you!

Horseman’s tools will be provided for use with your partner.

You can expect accountability and encouragement to grow as a horseman and a person. You will be encouraged to develop a positive attitude and overcome your fears one little step at a time.

You can also expect a good opportunity to practice your reading, writing, and/or typing skills as you do projects, although I am very open to other ways of demonstrating your knowledge.

This a self-paced program where safety is paramount. People get needlessly hurt doing things they are not physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to do. You will not be forced or coerced to do anything you or your horse aren’t comfortable with.

Graduation of level 2 will be determined by sending a video in to Parelli Natural Horsemanship and having one of their professionals review it.

You will have the opportunity to schedule meetings, call, or email to have Bethany answer your questions.

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