Pony Party

A while ago I had the house to my self and wanted something fun to do, so I threw together a pony party. I invited every girl I know who is or might have been horse crazy, so the experience level varied widely. I looked for ideas for a Parelli Pony Party, but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t start with the girls bringing their own horses.

We played some of the Parelli simulations, practiced popping balloons with Savvy strings, and fed and petted my horses. We wrapped it up for most of the girls by decorating the cupcakes you see in the pictures. (I think some of the cupcakes had left by the time I thought to start taking pictures.) We played on my mounting/vaulting barrel until only the level 1+ girls were left. We broke out the halters and leads and played with my horses until it was too dark. After dark we watched my favorite videos of spectacular horsemanship.

It was something fun to do that didn’t require a lot of set up.

Activities in no particular order:

  • Coke bottle game (2nd level 2 DVD set) I learned that the “horses” learn too quickly by watching. Make up different tasks for every horse.
  • Conga Horse Make task cards, or slips of paper to give ideas to girls who are new to this. Some of the more experienced girls have something they have been wanting to try out with a conga horse.
  • Pop balloons with carrot stick and savvy string. It is ok to have the girls blow up their own balloons as long as you don’t mind the occasional balloon zinging around the room untied. I think almost as many giggles went into those balloons as air. Also make sure you have something better than scotch or masking tape to hold them down if you live somewhere the wind blows. Use cheap balloons like water balloons because they pop easier.
  • Feed and Pet horses No pony party that occurs on a property with horses is complete without at least touching a horse.
  • Decorate horse head cupcakes Take cupcakes, pull down the wrapper on one side, place a large marshmallow for the muzzle and nose and ice the whole thing. The wrapper gives the whole thing a little bit of support. Decorate with anything you wish. We used cashews for ears and mini m&ms for eyes along with anything else I could find in the kitchen.
  • Vault on barrel Look up vaulting online or let the girls make up their own routines.
  • Watch youtube videos The larger the group the more carefully I would preselect the clips both for content and boredom factor.

Other ideas I thought of:

  • Practice saddling and mounting the mounting barrel
  • Have a model horse show
  • Stick horses
  • Roping
  • Decorate a live horse I did this at camp one year as a kid. We did it in teams and had to describe what we did. It took about 30 minuted to decorate him. I loved it and we talked about it for years.
  • Draw/describe your perfect horse.

What else would work?


My ornaments and the support for my horses are at GallopingGlass.com.

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