AQHA World and Pat

We got to go see Pat Parelli at the AQHA World show here in Oklahoma City a couple of weeks ago. I almost missed it. It wasn’t until someone mentioned they wanted to go watch horses some night and needed to know which night would be best for people who weren’t that horsey that I checked the schedule and found that Pat was doing a demo.

I am glad I got to take one of my students for her first time to see Pat live. We spent the afternoon walking around the vendor booths and barns. They have two buildings as big, if not bigger than your local Walmart full of horse related stuff. We watched the warm up arena and talked about leads, which she caught onto very quickly.

We met some of my other students and friends after supper  and watched Pat and Caton do an inspirational demo, riding, sliding, spinning, turning and burning in sync. My students loved it and got to meet pat afterwords, take pictures with him and have him sign Savvy Club magazines. The highlight of the night for one of my friends was when she won the drawing for the Colt Starting DVD set.

Proof some of us were there:

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